A1 Chippy

A1 Chippy

Service Locations

Coffs Harbour, Nelson Bay, New South Wales (NSW), Port Macquarie

Service Post Codes

2315, 2444, 2450

Shade Sail Installer

Measuring Up, PVC Membranes, Replacements, Retractable Shade Sails, Sail Track Shade Sails, Tension Shade Sails, Waterproof Shade Sails

Shade Sail Structure Installer

Barrel Structures, Eye Bolts, Fascia Mounts, Hip & Ridge, Masonry Connections, Pad Eyes, Posts 5m+ OOG, Posts up to 3m OOG, Posts up to 4m OOG, Posts up to 5m OOG, Roof Mounts (Tin), Sail Track, Tiled Roof Rafter Mounts, Wall Mounts

Qualifications, Licences & Tickets

Builders Licence

A1 Chippy. Shade Sail Installer:
A1 Chippy pride themselves on a 5-star product and service with regards to shade sails. Commercial Shade Sails have partnered with A1 Chippy who are qualified and experienced installers and will work with you to ensure the functionality of your new shade sail is matched by the design and feel of the shade system. A1 Chippy installs shade sails to meet your unique needs and to fit any residential, commercial, industrial or community space.

A1 Chippy. Carpentry:
A1 Chippy strives for excellence and professionalism. We are reliable, honest, and caring professionals and we always aim to provide a quality service at an affordable price. Our business model focuses on an atmosphere of service and we highly value each individual customer. We offer a tailored personalised approach and you know that the people making the daily operating decisions also own the business, meaning we can be flexible to suit each individual customer’s needs.

Commercial Shade Sails. Pool Shade Sails:
A well-designed pool shade sail looks great while providing protection from the harsh and damaging UV rays of the sun. Our pool shade sails can also help keep the pool area free from debris, preventing the need for endless cleaning. Commercial Shade Sails also offer a comprehensive range of shade sails for commercial uses, such as sporting and community venues, local councils, day care centres and commercial businesses.

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