Coppins Building and Construction (CBAC)

Coppins Building and Construction (CBAC)

Service Locations

Cowell, Port Augusta, South Australia (SA), Whyalla

Service Post Codes

5600, 5602, 5700, 5710

Shade Sail Installer

Measuring Up, PVC Membranes, Replacements, Retractable Shade Sails, Sail Track Shade Sails, Tension Shade Sails, Waterproof Shade Sails

Shade Sail Structure Installer

Barrel Structures, Eye Bolts, Fascia Mounts, Hip & Ridge, Masonry Connections, Pad Eyes, Posts 5m+ OOG, Posts up to 3m OOG, Posts up to 4m OOG, Posts up to 5m OOG, Roof Mounts (Tin), Sail Track, Tiled Roof Rafter Mounts, Wall Mounts

Qualifications, Licences & Tickets

Builders Licence

Coppins Building and Construction (CBAC). Shade Sail Installer:
Coppins Building and Construction (CBAC) specialises in the installation of all types of residential and commercial shade sails. They can install any type of shade sail you require, at a reasonable price. Coppins Building and Construction (CBAC) have the know-how and expertise to install any residential or commercial shade sail on the market. They are also a highly respected shade sail installer to residential customers and businesses in their area.

Coppins Building and Construction (CBAC). Carpentry:
Coppins Building and Construction (CBAC) is a local Whyalla carpentry/ maintenance business that was established in 2008. Owned and operated by Josh Coppins, CBAC has serviced the domestic and commercial sector, contracting its services to local builders, real-estate agents, Whyalla Hospital and schools. Josh Coppins has worked in the construction industry for 12 years and has also supervised carpentry/building works for other building company’s and community organisations.

Commercial Shade Sails. Engineer Design & Structural Drawings:
Need structural engineering? No worries. Commercial Shade Sails can provide this service for an additional fee. Whether it’s a large commercial job, or for a domestic carport, just ask and we can add this to your invoice, and our experienced Engineer who specialises in Shade Sails, will provide you with full Engineer Design and Structure Drawings, with a quick turnaround time. Just ask for this along with your shade sail enquiry.

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